We thank you very much for your attending to this site.

There are mainly 3 purposes to establish this site;

  • to increase people who get interested in Lampwork Beads, which have a long history in each country, internationally.
  • to increase population making the Lampwork Beads and to share your handmade lampwork bead to people internationally
  • to be a bridge to increase communication among people loving the lampwork beads, and to move for the business from the hobby.

The selected lampwork beads out of the applied will be shown to the world via this site (free of charge).  The order of the appearance is up to the session volumes, but the volumes never be opened)

In addition, the selected lampwork beads can be exhibited in komorebi, Harajuku, Tokyo,  Artisans’ Lampwork Beads & Crafts Shop, for a fixed period in order to be appreciated.

Harajuku is known internationally as a center of Japanese youth culture and fashion.  There are many shopping and dining options including many small boutiques and cafés.  In addition, the neighborhood also attracts many larger international chain stores with high-end luxury merchandisers.

We are looking forward to your handmade lampwork bead application over the country.




  • 世界各国で長い歴史があるとんぼ玉に内外問わずもっと興味を持っていただくため
  • 手作りの促進、そして一生懸命手作りされたとんぼ玉を国を超えて鑑賞しあう(無料)
  • とんぼ玉愛好家のインターナショナルコミュニケーションと趣味からビジネス展開される橋渡し


また常に上位の作品は実物をご鑑賞いただくため、限定とんぼ玉&モダン伝統工芸品ショップのkomorebi, Harajuku, Tokyoで一定期間展示させていただきます